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Elm St, Milford, MA

Seller approached us to purchase their property that was in disarray and needed extensive repairs. Because of the condition of the property, though livable, financial institutions were not willing to finance the transaction to a regular buyer. As investors, we stepped in and gave the sellers top dollars for their house, they were able to walk away from it, without having to worry about any repairs or having to be involved with any permits or reports the City might have asked, since the property was purchased "As-Is' meaning, the sellers were able to just walk away from their problem house and got paid handsomely in cash by the title company.

Sellers, couldn't have been happier and our investors couldn't have gotten this opportunity if it wasn't for ARG Home Buyers, which was able to market the investment for the best return for all the parties involved, specially the sellers.

173rd St, Hammond, IN

Seller inherited this property from her deceased parents and was overwhelmed in handling the new "gift". It turned out to be a major headache because of the condition of the property and the years of neglect through the probate process.

Seller contacted ARG Home Buyers to help them get the situation straightened out. With the help of a local agent, the transaction was completed satisfactorily, the seller was able to buy peace of mind and our investors were able to embellish a property that shines in its old neighborhood while at the same time paying the former owners for the purchase of their family's property.

Del Robles Pl, Simi Valley, CA

ARG Home Buyers found this opportunity, purchased it and sold it to one of their investor partners for them to take over and perform a marvelous job in reconditioning this property which was riddled with construction and legal issues that the municipality was requiring to get them resolved.

Needless to say, the next door neighbors as well as the neighbors across the street, were delighted with the result of the renovation, since this property had become a nuisance for the whole block and now they were able to enjoy the lifestyle they always wanted to have by living in The Knolls. Win-Win situation for ARG Home Buyers and our investor partners, but mostly for the community in particular.

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For Sale Opportunities

Magalia, CA - Northern California

• SOLD in 1 week!!!

$108,500 / 2br - 1,440ft approx. ***Investment Property!!!*** Contract for sale for Manufactured Home on Foundation. Corner lot. Located on Del Oro Dr. ARV = $128,000 Price = $108,500 Rent = $1,550/month No P.O.A. In need of repairs, but excellent deal. Sold As-Is. Call for showing arrangements. Great Potential manufactured home on foundation, with studio and two car detached garage. Well landscaped corner lot. Huge two car garage, Studio, and mechanic pit to work on cars if needed? Large master bedroom and master bath with soaking tub/shower. Open floor plan to living/dining area. Home needs some TLC, if you're handy you can save quite a bit on repairs or remodel. Quick flip or this would be a perfect rental with a good return. Great fixer, newer roof. House can rent for $1,000 per month & the Studio for $550. Boat & RV parking, long driveway and nice corner lot! Will not last at this price. As is CASH Sale.

This transaction was a blessing for the homeowner who needed this property to be sold, since her deceased father had gotten a Reverse Mortgage which was rapidly eating away the equity the property had. Seller lives in Los Angeles and the property was in Magalia Northern, California, which made it almost impossible for the seller to be able to take care of the place. Once she decided to sell it, we were able to create a situation that was conducive for her to put a stopgap in the inconvenient Reverse Mortgage arrangement her father had agreed on and reverse it so she was able to extract all the remaining equity of the place while at the same time not having to worry about owning a property at 500 miles away from were she lives.

Seller was delighted with the speed and smoothness of the transaction and she became a big advocate for our services. We are very grateful to have been able to help her out in such a stressful situation like she was living.

All figures expressed either verbally or in marketing material is an estimate. There are no guarantees or assumptions, either made or implied. Please, do your own due diligence.

Louvre St, Pacoima, CA

The original homeowner of this property approached us to purchase their property, which was in extremely poor condition due to some family disputes and the understandable stressful situation that gets generated in situations like this one. Fortunately, ARG Home Buyers, was able to step in, give the sellers peace of mind that their situation with their family will be remediated once the property is no longer an issue.

We stepped in as investors and our partners were able to purchase the property in the condition it currently was in, the sellers were able to get rid of a big problem and responsibility while our partners investors, reconditioned the property, embellishing the block and making the seller a good return on their house. We couldn't be happier with the reaction the seller had and how happy and relieved they were once the transaction was finalized.

Pico Rivera, CA

We arranged with the seller to purchase her house within her time frame, in order to accommodate her family to find a new place to live. The transaction was seamless to the seller, they were able to find a place to live within the time frame specified by them and we were able to close right on time. Seller was ecstatic and left us a video testimonial!

One of our buyers purchased the property from us to do a flip and sold it successfully as well.

  • SOLD!!!

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